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Must Dos in Exuma - No 1

These are the six Must Dos that we as a family feel just have to be experience whilst on holiday in Exuma.  If you have already visited Exuma then you may agree with our choices and if you don't do let us know!  If you have never visited please experience at least two of our choice and let us know how you enjoyed it.  

These are listed in no preference, well not really....!

1)    Hire a boat from Minns Water Sports

It's very simple book a boat in advance (  You don't need to have a boat license or have a sea-bone in your body just general common sense and understanding.   Minns is very well run, each boat has life jackets, and comes with emergency radio control, a basic medical kit and a map which shows you the area you are allowed to venture into and the

good spots to visit.  It's always a fun action packed day snorkelling off radiant shallow reefs trying to spot an elusive turtle feeding on the coral.  A must at low tide is ManOWar Sand bar where you walk out on to a pristine sand bar and even find sand dollars.  Also a low tide favourite is Sanddollar beach, just pay attention to the tides when anchoring as it gets very shallow.  By now the boat crew is getting a little hungry so pull up to the beach at Chat'n'chill where you will find a laid back vibe along with friendly sting rays.  The best conch salad is created down by the beach or up in the restaurant/bar you can get great burgers, bbq and of course cold kaliks and Goombay Punch.  There are some great hiking paths on Stocking Island which take you along and over the island, most ending up on the Atlantic side where the colours of the ocean are breathtaking.  The beach goes on for miles and miles.

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