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Q. How do we get to Exuma?

A.  Exuma's international airport is George Town (GGT) on the island of Great Exuma.  There are direct flights from Nassau, Toronto, Charlotte, Atlanta, Ford Lauderdale and Miami.

Q How do we find the house?

A.  Our management team from The GoodLife Bahamas will meet you and guide you to the house from the airport

Q.  Can I arrange for a food shop to be made on my behalf before I arrive?

A. Yes, just contact our Management Agent, The GoodLife Bahamas, who will do this for you for a small fee.

QIs there a good selection of groceries and how far are the shops?

A.  There is a good international selection just after the boat deliveries arrive.  Generally canned and packaged goods are always in good stock however fresh items can be scarce until the boat arrives which is twice a week.  There are several shops selling a good selection of wines, spirits, local and imported beers and an excellent butcher.  The main shops are in George Town a 25/30 minute drive away although there are convenience stores with very basic supplies much closer say 10 minutes drive.

Q.  What are 6 important items to bring?

A.  Suntan lotion and insect repellent, personal daily medication, favourite snacks especially for kids, sunglasses, dietary requirement food supplies and a speaker.

Q.  What is the currency of the Bahamas?

A.  The Bahamian dollar and cents is the official currency. US dollars are accepted with the same value.

QDoes everywhere accept cards?

A.  Not really, cash is king on the island.  Exuma Markets the big supermarket accepts cards but with a 5% charge.  The bigger hotels, restaurants and shops will accept cards but bring cash

Q.  How do I get around on the island?

A.  A car is imperative as there is no public transport on the island.  There are taxis but you don't want to be reliant on those.  A car will allow you to explore and is easily picked up at the airport upon arrival.

Q.  Are there lots of nightclubs and bars in Exuma?

A.  Exuma is not a wild party destination so nightclubs do not feature.  There are many bars offering good cocktails and some themed nights like jazz or "rake and scrape" at central restaurants, otherwise this is an island where you make your own entertainment.

Q.  Are there wild animals and creepy crawlies?

A.  The wild animals are mostly tiny geckos which are totally harmless and helpful in the house as they eat the little bugs.  Like in any ocean there are sharks, rays, turtles and a multitude of different fish, none of which you need to worry about unless provoked.  We live by the mantra "If you don't know it, don't touch it"! Mosquitoes and sandflies can be bothersome at dusk and dawn when there is no breeze, just cover up and apply bug spray, baby or coconut oil is very effective.

Q.  Can a chef be arranged for in-house dining?

A.  Yes absolutely a chef can be organised for a one off special meal or a series of meals.  The choice of menus is yours with the specialities being Bahamian dishes.  

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